New Continental Aluminum Boat Trailer for 34′ – 37′ with Brakes


  • Boat Length: 34′ – 37′
  • Dual Axle with brakes
  • Load Capacity: 17,000 lbs
  • Aluminum I-Beam Frame
  • Aluminum Rear Vertical Guides Poles
  • Torsion Axles
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Fenders
  • LED lights
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Model: CTA3517B


Category: SKU: CTA3517B

The State of Florida requires brakes on all axles of any trailer with a G.V.W.R. of 3000 lbs. or more. This means the combined weight of the boat, trailer, and all equipment being towed. Most other states have similar laws. When selecting a trailer for your needs, be sure you comply with these legal statutes. Additionally, today’s lighter-weight vehicles may not provide adequate braking by themselves. Please drive safely and make sure your trailer has brakes installed.