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Continental Trailers has been a leader and innovator in the boat trailer industry since 1975. We are the highest volume dealer in Broward County, Florida. Their trailers are engineered and built to withstand the severe saltwater environment of Florida and the tropics. Constantly improving the quality and dependability of their boat trailers.

All boats and launching locations are not the same. Therefore, trailers vary in style and purpose. The characteristics of each require that you consider several important items prior to your trailer purchase. Determine the following before making your selection.

  1. The weight of your boat needs to include engine(s), fuel, gear and any factory added options that the builder did not include in its boat weight. This weight along with your expected trailer usage will determine the capacity of the trailer.
  2. The Length of the boat from the pulpit (if included) to the engine mount. Remember, if you are towing with a van or camper you don’t want the pulpit over the coupler on the trailer.
  3. Many trailers are designed to allow the owner to drive the boat on and off. However, some ramps are too shallow to allow adequate submersion for the boat to load properly. Other ramps may have a drop-off at the water’s edge and will not allow proper launching. Be sure to determine if your trailer will perform adequately at your local marina. Choose the type (drive-on or roller) which best fits your needs.
  4. Galvanized trailers offer a protective coating that normally prevents rust for several years. Aluminum trailers will experience virtually no corrosion and are somewhat lighter in weight. Both perform well in salt water.
  5. Single or Tandem Axle trailers are available on all models 18’ long and larger. Both models have advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Wide boats and trailers may be subject to certain state towing laws. Please check with your state D.O.T. for regulations.

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