” We cater to owners that keep their boats in marinas, rack storage facilities, or behind their houses in the water, and do not have the full time need to own a trailer.”

All boat owners still need to occasionally use a boat trailer. Usually to take their boat to the mechanic, or take the family to the Keys on vacation. We also help people to move their newly purchased boat. Impending hurricanes are also busy times for us.
Renting our trailers gives the boat owner the opportunity to do their own maintenance.

We also have mechanics; boat haulers, boat detailers, and a boat storage facility that we work with; to seamlessly help you get your boat in good shape for the season.

Our trailer fleet is constantly put through a maintenance routine, to ensure a safe and pleasurable trailering experience.

Whatever your trailering needs are, call Deerfield Trailer first, we are extremely knowledgeable, and can help you plan your future rental.

We give our customers the ability to “DO IT YOURSELF”:



All you need is a drivers license and a debit card or credit card in your name.(we just take an imprint)

Terms and Conditions

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth regarding the rental of a boat trailer from Deerfield Trailer, Inc. The renter agrees to pay for all damages to the trailer incurred during the rental period. The renter will be held personally liable for damages to other property caused by the rented trailer during the rental period as set forth above. The renter acknowledges and agrees that Deerfield Trailer inc, it’s Directors, Affiliates and employees will be held harmless by the renter for any mechanical trailer malfunctions including brakes and light malfunctions etc. which may cause property damage.

AGREED _______

I _____________________________________ fully understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with trailering a boat that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid such risks. I (_______) acknowledge that a representative from Deerfield Trailer Inc, has inspected the trailer with me and has instructed me how to adjust the trailers ajustable parts, (Bunks, Rollers, and Winch Mast) so that the boat will properly and safely rest on the trailer for safe transportation. In addition, I (_________) acknowledge receiving a safety tips booklet or document that will help me properly trailer my boat. I (_______) acknowledge that the maximum weight for the trailer that I am renting is:

Initial One

Single Axle…………….3,500 pounds__________

Dual Axle………………7,000 pounds__________

Triple Axle…………….10,500 pounds__________

Heavy Duty Triple Axle…..15,000__________

and understand that the maximmum weight not to be exceeded is the total weight that the trailer is rated to carry. This includes the boat, engine, gasoline (6 pounds per gallon), water (8 pounds per gallon) and gear.

It is the responsiblity of the renter (_________) to make sure that these weights are not exceeded. The renter acknowledges the he/she understands that these weight limitations must be adhered to at all times. Any and all damage to the trailer due to excessive weight being placed on the trailer will be automatically added to the rental bill and charged to the renters credit card. Florida Law also requires that all towed boats must be strapped down in two places from the trailer to the stern of the boat. (_________)

The renter ackonwledges the previous damage section and is responsible for all new damage incurred during the rental period.

AGREED _______

RENTER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE/SHE MAY NOT LEAVE THE STATE OF FLORIDA WITH THE RENTED TRAILER If it is determined that the renter has taken the boat trailer out of the State of Florida, Deerfield Trailer Inc is immediately authorized to charge the credit card currently on file for the rental fee a minimum of $250.00 for additional wear and tear. Additional charges above and beyond the $250.00 may be incurred by the renter for any excess wear or tear on the boat trailer if determined by Deerfield Trailer Inc., when the renter returns the trailer and closes out the rental agreement.

AGREED _______

On any rental period going beyond 1 week and for each 1 week thereafter (7 calendar days), Deerfield Trailer Inc is authorized to extend the rental period of this contract and collect the accrued funds up to the business day that the trailer is returned by collecting the funds from the renters credit card on file. The renter agrees to pay $10 per hour late fee up to the posted rental rate per day. This $10 late fee is charged per hour after a 1 hour grace period. The renter agrees to pay for all fees and damages or repairs with the credit card that has been taken as the security deposit.

AGREED _______

I, the renter, hereby agree to waive, release, covenant not to sue, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Deerfield Trailer, Inc along with its employees, directors and affiliates from any claims filed due to the result of any and all accidents or malfunctions of the rented trailer. I agree to pay for all damages resulting from the rental of said trailer, including but not limited to any attorneys fees incurred by Deerfield Trailer, Inc, for any and all personal injuries or property damage due to any accident or incident during the rental period.

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions

Dated ______________